Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Geeks and Nerds

Last week it became clear to me that I am most definitely a geek, a fully fledged nerd. This realisation arrived in my mind after several events of the last few weeks.

Not last Tuesday but the one before, I was ill and had the day off college. When I finally dragged myself out of bed I wanted to find something good to watch on the TV. After flicking through endless rubbish daytime programmes I resorted to Anytime TV. I found myself getting too overexcited by the programme Star Wars: The Legacy, on the History channel and did in fact watch the whole 3 hour episode - something which I am not hugely proud of. I then spent the rest of the day watching old repeats of Robin Hood and Merlin and finished the day with the extended edition of Lord of the Rings! Overall a very geeky day!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Paris and Julie and Julia

I finally watched Cédric Klapisch’s Paris today after having bought it last Christmas and I realised that it has been almost three years since I visited the beautiful city for the first time.
The film really is incredible; it is beautifully made and it’s just a simple, funny, warm film despite the heavy subject matter. Romain Duris is absolutely brilliant in it and I now want to watch everything he has ever been in. Most of all though this film just made me desperate to return to Paris.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Social Network

Yesterday, I went to see The Social Network at my local theatre, in the tiny cinema for just £4. It was hardly packed out with just 5 people plus me and my two friends but I think that it is my favourite cinema, especially for watching more ‘indie’ films like The Social Network.

I really wanted to see the film and I thought that perhaps it had the potential to disappoint but it didn’t at all. There were loads more laughs in it than I expected and in parts it was hilarious, most memorable moment was perhaps the forced cannibalism of a chicken! Jesse Eisenberg was as ever great and I also thought that Andrew Garfield who played Eduardo, Eisenberg’s best friend who he ‘screws over’ was fantastic and his American accent was faultless. Justin Timberlake also proved to be good and managed to, for the most part, not just play Justin Timberlake in a film and he transformed from loveable pop star into a character who was easy to hate. Actually all of the acting was good and there wasn’t a moment whilst watching it when I wished for someone else to be playing the role. I also like the overall look of the film as most of the shots seemed quite dark and dreary which in many cases mirrored Mark Zuckerberg’s (Eisenberg) feelings and experiences.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mange Prie Aime

I took part in a french exchange a couple of weeks ago and went for the first time to see a film in french minus the subtitles. I recently bought Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat Pray Love and intended to read it before watching the new film with Julia Roberts but I didn't really have a huge choice when taken to the cinema by my exchange partner. However, I barley understood anything in the film and it was almost too painful to endure!!
The autobiographical story of self discovery set in Rome, India and Bali follows Elizabeth as she tries to find herself and love after a bitter divorce. What I've read of the book so far is both emotional and funny and already I can see it becoming a firm favourite. The film really was beautifully shot too and the settings were incredible, it was just a shame I couldn't really understand a word of it!! What I did understand of the film though I loved, especially the character of Liz and I am interested to see how Julia Roberts plays her when I finally get round to watching the English version. Also liked very much the idea of travel and discovery which was shown throughout the film and wish I was able to just up and leave to live in Italy for a bit!! Eating pizza, pasta, gelato and drinking lots of wine but also learning to speak Italian sounds like a pretty good way to spend the best part of a year to me. The soundtrack wasn't bad either and did prompt me to download a few songs.