Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Autumn and the fair!

This week was the fair in my town and I enjoyed two beautiful, lovely nights there! The proper autumn weather has begun and the cold crisp air meant that it was definitely the time of year to hang around the town centre eating rubbish and becoming incredibly dizzy on loads of fairly over priced rides!! It does look very pretty though, the town all lit up with the many different coloured lights of the rides and the crowds of people facing the cold all wrapped up warm in hats and scarves. The waltzers are by far my favourite ride and despite the pain of having your neck pushed back against the edge of the cart at a 90° and the dry ice filling up your lungs they are certainly the most fun, even though now, a day after, when I am regretting my third ride due to the large egg sized lump on the back of my head! With the ever looming UCAS applications and coursework hanging over my head it was quite nice to have two nights of autumn, which seems already to be slipping slowly into winter, to enjoy.